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Why the Right Hates the Truth

“Why the Right Hates The Truth” was penned by Jonas Luster, author of Socialtext, in parody to another essay, “Why the Left Hates John Bolton”. Jonas’ post has apparently vanished from the web, or at least only this site and one other (wingnut) were found by a Google search for the essay. In the meantime, keep in mind why the Right loves John Bolton …

… and then, I’ll **crush** their puny heads…

… and then, I’ll **crush** their puny heads…

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Honor Native Americans

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)
Honor the Promises to American Indians

In spring of 2005, Native American and congressional leaders met to address the most serious issue in Indian Country in the 21st century: how to hold the federal government accountable for Indian trust funds flagrantly mismanaged by the Department of Interior.

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Military recruiter talk

Questions Military recruiters don’t want you to ask.

Military recruiters glorify war – and then sell it to you. Recruiters will say anything to get you hooked.

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Farmers victorious over Bush and Dow

Supreme Court decision aids farmers with tort lawsuits

On April 27, 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that FIFRA, the nation’s primary law for pesticide manufacture, did not prevent states and common laws from pre-empting fradulent data developed under FIFRA authority.

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Prozac is for dopers

[To the Wenatchee World, March 7, 2005] Dear Editor,

Use of drugs like Prozac and Zoloft can lead to suicidal behavior. While drug pushers continue to flood the medical establishment with their poisons, Groups like the Youth Suicide Prevention Program have started to fight back with education about the links between drugs and suicide (

CNN recently published links to an internal document, purportedly from drug manufacturer Eli Lilly [1], that appears to show they were aware 15 years ago that patients on antidepressant Prozac were more prone to hostility and attempted suicide than were patients on other antidepressants.

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Pharmaceutical firms are drug pushers

[To the Wenatchee World, March 1, 2005] Dear Editor,

Thank you to Wenatchee High students for fighting suicides. Regretably, the Wenatchee World newspaper article omitted two of the key suicide warning signs posted at and at Washington State Department of Health: (1) anxiety; (2) increased drug and alcohol use.

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