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Pesticide Flavoring Ingredients

Spice up bland organic foods with savory pesticides. Get these six great recipes and your family will be begging you.

Are you a chemophobe with an irrational fear of chemicals? Or are you a chemophile who craves the flavor of pesticides and preservatives in food?

Despite misinformation campaigns waged by chemophobic do-goody-goods, chemophiles know that pesticides have yummy smells and flavors that can enhance your dining experience. So why not embrace them instead of shunning them?

“Oh, No!” you say?  You may not know it, but many of our prized groceries owe their subtle tastes to the food scientist who skillfully blends the pesticide ingredients to create a balanced flavor in your food supply.

In order to maintain a wholesome diet, you may need to amend an all-organic foods diet with additional nutrients that can only be provided by pesticides. Luckily, the ready availability of pesticides in food makes them the ideal dinner combination to spice up organic food diets. Check your food labels. If the label says 100% organic, you may not be getting all the pesticide vitamins you need for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

We all become accustomed to certain flavors and aromas over time. Food tastes and smells lie at the core of our personalities because they are remembered in the hypothalamus, which regulates emotions and behaviors such as hunger and thirst.

Common table salt is probably the best example of a preservative that contributes to the taste and smell of foods. But salt doesn’t just taste good; it is essential for survival. We should dispel the notion that all chemicals are bad. Take the taste of corned beef hash – it would be bland indeed if it weren’t made with saltpeter, a chemical.

Think about it. Everything on earth is made of chemicals. Our future depends on having an abundant supply of safe chemicals in our food supply.

So next time you hear some flabby environmentalist poo-pooing the chemicals in our food supply, tell them that they should get a life and learn to appreciate salt and learn the value of chemicals and pesticides for enhancing food flavors.

You may not realize that moms prefer chemical additives in their orange juice. During processing, chemical flavor packets are added to the orange juice. Scientific studies confirm that this juice is preferred by moms over untreated OJ.

To understand the inherent preference for certain smells, we have only to look at look at children. Kids don’t have the hatred of chemicals that their parents hammered into them.

I can well remember standing behind our old jalopy, telling my mom that I thought the exhaust smelled good as she yanked me away by the collar. In those days, the only gasoline additive was tasteless, odorless lead, and this allowed the aromatic hydrocarbons to fully express their rich aroma. Also in those days, we hadn’t yet hit the bottom of the oil barrel where all the high-sulfur oil now comes from. Have you noticed that cars today smell like rotten eggs? Yes, those were truly the good old days.

When I lived on Okinawa we could also go to the PX and buy tall green cans of DDT made for the army. To us kids, these cans were fun toys to spray around the house, until my mom took them away from us. The ingredients were basically just raw DDT with a little freon propellant. Now I wouldn’t recommend DDT as a food but it just shows that our smell preferences are hammered into us by our moms – we are not born with this unnatural hatred of pesticides, that is the cause of so much misunderstanding in our world today.

And I fondly remember the fun of running through the piquant fog as the DDT trucks went by twice a day at Ishikawa Beach in Okinawa. The aroma was complex and it was probably enhanced by the mild stimulant effect of all the volatile petrochemicals used to make up the carriers and surfactants. And even though DDT has been banned, the fond memories still come rushing back every time the county spray trucks drive by.

Nowadays I get my kicks from those little flavor packets they put into meats. You know, the antioxidants BHA and BHT. They lend a musky flavor to fish and meats that is quite distinctive. After using them for a while, meat just isn’t as good without them.

In addition, the beauty of using pesticides as flavoring ingredients is that they are already in your food, and for this we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to genetic engineering.

If you care about the flavor of your food, then maybe you should think more about how pesticides and preservatives contribute to the flavor and aroma of foods.

So don’t say “Oh, No!” to pesticides any more. Say “Oh, Boy!” to the taste of pesticide. Just imagine a future where pesticides are no longer restricted by our oversized bureaucracy of government regulators.

Try these great new pesticide food combos

  • Tomatoes Tordon! – Tomato dishes from Italian pasta to Mexican salsa can benefit from this herbicidal condiment. You’ll be crying “More! More!”
  • Phenoxylate Fudge – A new crop of phenoxylate herbicides has being genetically engineered into chocolate with an incredible taste sensation based on scientific flavor principles. And phenoxylates can also help prevent diarrhea.
  • Chicken tamales smothered in Atrazine sauce – Atrazine, the wonder pesticide, is now available in rainbow colors. Your guests will be wondering, was it the sauce or was it the chicken?
  • Woundup Nutmeg Nougats – These chewy morsels contain the sweetener ambidextrose that was sought after by the ancient Mayas. In addition to being a mild stimulant, ambidextrose is genetically engineered into the flour molecules so that they taste 10,000 times better than natural sugar, and in addition ambidextrose contains important cleansing ingredients that brighten and whiten your teeth!
  • Rolled Latex Dormant Spray Meat Rub – Liven up food textures. Learn how the right bad things can help perk up your dinners.
  • Death Burgers – one taste could be your last!  These make great dinners and lunches for the terminally ill, since they contain pure 2,4 -D in every bite!!!

These and other great pesticide recipes can be yours when you subscribe to Xenophile, the organization of the Pesticide Flavoring Industry.

You’d better hurry, too. Soon it will be too late.  Time is running out for those in the industry and these chemicals may not be around for future generations to savor.

– This article was written by a chemist. We want to help you control your food supply.

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Long ride on a big yellow bus

Some come slowly to the realization of where they are in their time. By that I am referring to having a sense of who you are and what you stand for, a sense people tend to have for others but not for themselves. This sense develops over a lifetime with age and experience.

The year was 1969 and I was sixteen. Outside of a prosaic life of school and idle summers at the lake, the world was experiencing Woodstock, love-ins, peace marches, and music the likes of which had never been heard before. But I watched 1969 go sailing by without me on the boat. And I cursed my time for being born too late.

school bus

For me, you are either on the bus or under the bus.

Read on

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Over Silver Glance and the Long Sky Cold

by Tony Smith

snowy view of sun on the mountains

Tony's snowy view of winter sun on the distant mountains.

This was written by Tony Smith while he was living next door to me in a one-room picker’s cabin in the Eastern Washington Cascades near Winthrop. It describes how 5-year old Tony first came to realize that winter can be long and hard. Yacolt is in SE Washington, and Bonneville is southeast of there. Silver Glance is a remote wilderness area a long way further east and south, in Utah. Tony passed away in about 2010. He was a fire lookout and philosopher. Perhaps reminding him of the Long Sky Cold, here is a picture of the view outside Tony’s window.

Over Silver Glance and the Long Sky Cold

by Tony Smith

Grampa said they’d better kill that hog
And take the heifer to Yacolt.
My grandmother said, “hum”, but she was looking south –
waiting for the light from Bonneville.

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On the edge

Along the rim rock,
The crickets,
Sing from the mud cracks.

Wandering footsteps,
At night,
Follow the music.

Close by,
At night,
The edge lies silent.


On the edge.

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To impress the sky

I have breathed the clear air of the mountains.
Where mosses creep among the roots,
Where willows guard the pebbly rivulets,
Where each tiny grain is set with care.
Glistening tiaras to impress the sky.

I went on past many cirques,
Their walls of snow and spacious murals,
Shining down on azure lakes.
Sparkles dancing off their sides.
The blue sky amused with clouds of cotton.

I went on past jutting spires and melting tongues of ice.
Where the world lay below me distant and weary.
I sat by the shore of a tiny lake and dropped in a hook,
And pulled out one funny fish from the bottomless deep,
Would you believe – its flesh was the color of blood.

bottomless lake


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Tristan and Isolde

Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland

Song Of Isolde – Lyrics by Eliza Gilkyson

Wake up, wake up Tristan,
Our bed of leaves and sand is cold,
I fell asleep here in your arms,
More than a thousand years ago.

The tragic love story of Tristan and Isolde has been told and retold many different ways. In my version of the story, the love potion and the poisoned wine remind us that love and fate are two faces of the same universal force.

This story began in England during the reign of King Arthur, when a prince by the name of Drust was born in Ireland. During his birth, his mother died, and so Drust became known as Tristan, from the word tristesse, meaning sorrow.

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If hurricanes were fun

If hurricanes were lots of fun,
And snow was dew and moon was sun,
I’d wish you happy gales today,
We’d shovel mist then sleep away.

If sun was moon and dew was snow,
We’d wake to find the world we know,
Where winter lingers for a while,
And you can thrill me with your smile.

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The Fuzzy Muse

Of all the ways to show sincere
Lending of an open ear,
None compare with quiet noises,
Shared with spirits of the toyses. Read on

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Quest for the Golden Hare

In 1979 Kit Williams created a jewel encrusted 18-carat golden hare, as the prize for whoever followed a riddle to its hidden location.

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Affordable Transportation

Cars. They’re cheap, efficient transportation, but damn the insurance is a pain and those flim-flam safety inspections make buying one a major ordeal.

A better idea for owning cars is this: Just buy a car every two weeks and use it 14 days temporary tags. No inspection, no insurance, no safety. Just drive it fourteen days and then throw it away and buy another. A disposo-mobile can be had in any major city for 100 bucks. So you can drive for $2600 a year. Just thought you ought to know about that.

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Blinded by milk science

When I was a kid living in Tokyo, I almost started an international incident by asking for a glass of milk at a traditional Japanese dinner. Several of my hosts quickly left the table and were gone for a long time. You would have thought I asked for a glass of blood. Now I understand that most Japanese think cows milk is revolting. Read on

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Where have all the soldiers gone?

Let’s start thinking ahead about post-war reconstruction. What will we do with our returning vets? My first answer is that, in America, we don’t “do” returning vets. But even if we did, we wouldn’t know what to do.

I say, let’s build a society that Americans can live in. Donate your old Winnebago to a homeless person and skip the European vacation this year. Stop being so selfish, all you yuppies, and take a break from counting your money for a change.

Here is a wandering account of a vet who almost waited too long to open his heart to the people who finally heard him. Read on

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Let them drink holy water

Peak Water?

With a Push From the U.N., Water Reveals Its Secrets – New York Times:

Using the tools of isotope hydrology, scientists can discover the age, origins, size, flow and fate of a water source. And that information, in turn, can guide sound water-use policy, letting water engineers better map underground aquifers, conserve supplies and control pollution. Read on

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Republicans should thank the Democrats

The Middle Class Republican

By John Gray. Originally on the web around 2004, this is an excent refresher that explains how Republicans don’t acknowledge the good things done by Democrats.

Gray describes a middle-class Republican who goes through his life benefiting from legislation passed by Democrats but then curses “big government” at the end of the day. The article lists the following protections enacted by Democrats, which every voter should consider before going to the dark side.

  • Water quality standards
  • Employer paid medical benefits
  • Food safety
  • Pollution controls
  • Public transportation subsidies
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Federally insured bank deposits
  • Car safety
  • Social Security
    and others

    These achievements were opposed by Republicans at the time.

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    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. What is it?

    • MCS – What is it? Who has it? This 1999 paper gives a definition of MCS. It was compiled by a large number of physicians, and published in a peer-reviewed journal (Archives of Environmental Health v.54, n.3 May/June, 99). Based on Health Department studies, MCS affects 16% of the general population, or put another way, 84% of the general population is clueless about those affected with MCS. Read on
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    Karl Rove Judgement Day

    Some may question the motives of Rove or call for his termination, but a better question is whether Rove should be tried for high treason, which has the death penalty. I say no, because the enemy of darkness is light.

    Evil has reared its head in the White House, and now the world can see the role of Rove in helping the idiot orchestrate war. The Prince of Darkness has apparently had control over Karl for some time. The war on terrorism has been successful at increasing the level of hatred in the world. Satan is cashing in. But why the calls to fire Karl? Karl belongs to Satan and the president is only his puppet (see White House maintains confidence).

    We all know the truth is bad, we just don’t want to hear the details. So what should we do? It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes. (Psalm 118:8,9).

    It’s like a pair of blinders has been removed and I’m suddenly seeing for myself what I’ve long known to be the case: just how sanitized a version of the war the American mainstream media are delivering, and how little of even this cleaned-up coverage we get.” – Arianna Huffington: Iraq: The War We Are Not Being Shown

    Satan will “go out to deceive the nations which are in the earth,” (Rev 20:8), and many will follow him.”

    How does Bush confront the truth? “If someone committed a crime, they will no longer work in my administration.” – George W. Bush, Remarks to Reporters, July 18, 2005.

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    Madrid Agenda

    From Club de Madrid Series on Democracy and Terrorism. This group of dignitaries met during winter and spring of 2005, as guests of the King of Spain. The website has a place to download pdf files on the causes of Terrorism, and confronting Terrorism.

    The agenda of the Club de Madrid meetings was to remember and honour the victims of the terrorist attacks of March 11, 2004, the strength and courage of the citizens of Madrid, and through them, all victims of terrorism and those who confront its threat.

    Read on

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    America’s Second Revolution

    America is in the midst of a revolution right now. This isn’t an armed rebellion; there are no guns being used on Americans. Those who are aware of the New Revolution don’t call it that. Those who aren’t aware, … well, aren’t aware. The revolution will be over before they wake up.

    Part of the anonymity of the Second American Revolution is that the two sides and the issues cross traditional boundaries. There is no us and them. But by our actions, some of us are feeding the fires of this war.

    Read on

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    Bush flip-flops on 9/11 Commission

    A Republican Congressman told CNN on June 27 that the “evidence is clear” that Iraq was involved in the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001. Although his story is a contradiction to President Bush’s 911 commission, the Congressman told reporters, “you must have looked in the wrong places.”

    It isn’t clear where the Congressman got his information. But Bush’s 9/11 commission report said investigators found no evidence that any “contacts ever developed into a collaborative operational relationship.” Read full story at CNN.

    Read on

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    Honor Our Dead – Demand the Truth

    After Downing Street

    Honor them

    Young Republicans click here

    Let Them Eat War, by Arlie Hochschild. Why did the blue collar voters go for Bush?

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    Okanogan and Chelan Counties, Washington are places where native inhabitants still live amongst the conquering European tribes. The Okanogan tribal language N’tsilikcin has over a thousand speakers, while the Wenatchi tribes have only a few dozen who can still speak the "language of the Local People", Nx’amxcin.

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    Bush spray team agenda

    One of the Bush team’s new plans is to more than triple the amount of area that the BLM sprays with toxic herbicides. The new draft EIS on their new herbicide program proposes to spray nearly a MILLION ACRES per year. Now that’s management! Also they are adding four new herbicides to the approved list to help support the toxic chemical industry. Chemists RULE!

    Read on

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    Ritalin is amphetamine for children

    According to The Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse:

    “In clinical studies, [Ritalin] methylphenidate, like amphetamines, produce behavioral and psychological effects similar to cocaine. In simple terms, this means that the human body cannot tell the difference between cocaine, amphetamines, or Ritalin®.”

    Read on

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    Bush altered scientific documents

    The Bush administration altered critical portions of a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on public lands before announcing Thursday that it would relax regulations limiting grazing on those lands, according to scientists involved in the study. Read the story.

    In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, author Erick Campbell said, “This is a whitewash- Read on

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    When Bush comes to shove

    This title may be cited as the `Forest Service Land Disposition and Facility
    Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005′, or the ‘Facility Dismemberment and Goverment Disembowelment act of 2005‘. Read on

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