Bad road scary dream

Two nights ago I had this nightmare that I had to drive across a chasm on an old railroad trestle with foot-wide gaps between the ties. So you had to keep moving or the tires would get wedged into the gaps. Besides, there was only one car-width and opening the door gave a view straight into thin air for over 200 feet. It looked like this:


But the forward motion caused the pickup truck I was driving to bounce crazily up and down, left and right, threatening to bounce over the edge. So I prayed and sweated and grit my teeth and clenched my knuckles and said never again. But when I got to the other side, there was a steel gate and so with the theme song of an Alfred Hitchcock pounding in my ears, I suddenly realized I had to back up the way I had just come!

Then I woke up! Except this wasn’t a dream. I was a surveyor with the short straw that day. Short mental activity is more like it. Driving across, it really seemed like I might die, but the other guys claimed that they did it. Liars.

These breathtaking pictures were taken in Eastern Washington on the day I drove forwards–and backwards–across a 300-foot tall railroad trestle just wide enough for one car, with foot-wide gaps between the ties.

Anyway, I am looking forward to going back there someday, before it’s all discovered and “safe” and touristy. It is near Washtucna, wherever that is.

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