Republicans should thank the Democrats

The Middle Class Republican

By John Gray. Originally on the web around 2004, this is an excent refresher that explains how Republicans don’t acknowledge the good things done by Democrats.

Gray describes a middle-class Republican who goes through his life benefiting from legislation passed by Democrats but then curses “big government” at the end of the day. The article lists the following protections enacted by Democrats, which every voter should consider before going to the dark side.

  • Water quality standards
  • Employer paid medical benefits
  • Food safety
  • Pollution controls
  • Public transportation subsidies
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Federally insured bank deposits
  • Car safety
  • Social Security
    and others

    These achievements were opposed by Republicans at the time.

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    1. Horky says:

      It isn’t that Republicans are bad, just Republicanism.

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