Madrid Agenda

From Club de Madrid Series on Democracy and Terrorism. This group of dignitaries met during winter and spring of 2005, as guests of the King of Spain. The website has a place to download pdf files on the causes of Terrorism, and confronting Terrorism.

The agenda of the Club de Madrid meetings was to remember and honour the victims of the terrorist attacks of March 11, 2004, the strength and courage of the citizens of Madrid, and through them, all victims of terrorism and those who confront its threat.

The group put forth the Madrid Initiative, which was welcomed by a resolution from the United States Senate.

A set of guiding principles was set forth that include:

Terrorism is a crime against all humanity. It endangers the lives of innocent people. It creates a climate of hate and fear, it fuels global divisions along ethnic and religious lines. Terrorism constitutes one of the most serious violations of peace, international law and the values of human dignity.

Terrorism is an attack on democracy and human rights. No cause justifies the targeting of civilians and non-combatants through intimidation and deadly acts of violence.

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