America’s Second Revolution

America is in the midst of a revolution right now. This isn’t an armed rebellion; there are no guns being used on Americans. Those who are aware of the New Revolution don’t call it that. Those who aren’t aware, … well, aren’t aware. The revolution will be over before they wake up.

Part of the anonymity of the Second American Revolution is that the two sides and the issues cross traditional boundaries. There is no us and them. But by our actions, some of us are feeding the fires of this war.

Those who call this a revolution or even to try to label the two sides, invariably risk being branded as heretics or anti-American. This is a revolution of words as much as it is of material conflict. It is a war of honor and nationalism and calls to bring back the pillories, only this time to put them in the news and on the internet. And if the news later turns out to be wrong, so what, the important thing was to cast dispersion.

But the casualties of ARII, if not individual lives, are grave indeed. In the battle for the media, the innocent victims are freedom and liberty.

Consider this. Every human life is equally sacred.

We were harmed in an unimaginable way in 9/11 that goes beyond the families lost. It is going to take many, many years to heal, if ever.

By “we”, I do not mean Americans, but humanity itself. I do not dispute the great wrongs that were committed on 9/11 to America, but Americans have become so nationalistic over this that we have forgotten that this was a crime against humanity. It is not about us and them, only about us. But the Second Revolution has so poisoned the air with the weapons of rhetoric that to even hint that the we are all equals in the world at large brands me a communist sympathizer to about half of the country (note to Europeans who read this: yes, Americans are still zealously fighting the communists).

America has been so concerned for the last 300 years with burying all traces of monarchy and rule by figureheads that we have made liberty herself a sacred icon. One need only look at our money, to see the glorification of symbols, the eagle clutching the arrows, liberty striding across the downtrodden masses with her gown flowing in the wind and her ample bosom gushing forth.

My concern is with the innocent victims, not just of of 9/11, but including the 6 to 10 million Iraqis, mostly children, killed as a result of the sanctions, and the 200 accidentally deterred Guantanamo detainees who were sent back home to their countries.

Our justified indignation over the 9/11 victims is matched in every country of the world by the families of innocent victims of war, whose slaughter goes on while America hides the “Collateral Damage” and even our own dead behind the war of rhetoric, pushing it from our minds and our media.

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