Bush spray team agenda

One of the Bush team’s new plans is to more than triple the amount of area that the BLM sprays with toxic herbicides. The new draft EIS on their new herbicide program proposes to spray nearly a MILLION ACRES per year. Now that’s management! Also they are adding four new herbicides to the approved list to help support the toxic chemical industry. Chemists RULE!

The effect of spraying these toxic chemicals on non-target organisms (native plants, wildlife and fish) can be horrendous. It can also pollute the ground water and impact human health adversely.

You can help prevent this by getting on the mailing list for the BLM EIS and sending them comments. To do this, send an email requesting to be on the list to:

Brian Amme
BLM, Nevada office

He is the project manager for this humongous program. You can also call him at 775-861-6645 and give him a piece of your mind.

By the way, their preferred alternative is by far the worst of all the alternatives. Any of the other alternatives would be much better. They are planning to increase the use of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in their spray program. Why not just use satellites and spray the entire planet all at once?

And for those of you in my home state of Washington that think this is an issue that really doesn’t effect your little piece of ground, consider this:

BLM manages over 724,000 acres in Washington State. And they manage over 429,000 acres of wild, roadless country in this state. The BLM lands are scattered all over the place in this state. There are probably some areas right out you backyard. Won’t it be nice to have all those areas sprayed every year?

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